Bhutan has been protected by its isolation within the Himalayas and its mountainous terrain. The deep valleys and almost impenetrable jungles have acted as allies in preventing destruction of the forests. Today over 70% of the land is forested, 25% is protected with 9 National Parks, together with great variation in altitudes of 200m-4,000m, creates an extremely wide range of habitats. In this pristine environment where religion states that all life is sacred, wildlife flourishes, making Bhutan one of the top ten bio diversity hot-spots in the world. It is also the centre of 221 Global Endemic Bird Areas, to date has 120 species of Butterflies (28 endemic Eastern Himalayas) and 750 plant species endemic to the Eastern Himalayas.
Bhutan Spring Birding tour will take you through the most amazingly beautiful landscape is full of birding excellence in sub-tropical and temperate forests, alpine meadows or along untamed rivers.
Five nights are spent camping in beautiful environments, with walk-in tents and camp beds for a more comfortable night's rest. Our cooks provide three hot meals each day for you to enjoy taken against a backdrop of pristine forests or stunning snow-capped mountain scenery. There will be time to see the amazing architecture, meet the friendly Bhutanese people and experience their unique culture; expanding your interests but not compromising your main objectives! It's Springtime and the roads will be ablaze with colour from flowering plants, trees and shrubs -a birding paradise.
Bhutan has an area of just 38,394 but there are more than 640 species of birds. We will help you see as many as time allows.

Brief itinerary

Day 1 Flight into Paro, drive to Thimphu.

Day 2 Thimphu to Punakha.

Day 3 Punakha to Tashithang and back to Punakha.

Day 4 Punakha to Trongsa.

Day 5 Trongsa to Shemgang. CAMP.

Day 6 Shemgang to Tingtibi. CAMP.

Day 7 Tingtibi to Koshala. CAMP.

Day 8 Koshala to Bumthang.

Day 9 Bumthang to Sengor. CAMP.

Day 10 Sengor to Yongkola. CAMP.

Days 11 and 12 Yongkola. CAMP.

Day 13 Yongkola to Bumthang.

Day 14 Bumthang to Wangdue.

Day 15 Wangdue to Paro.

Day 16 Paro to Chelela and back.

Day 17 Paro, depart Bhutan.