Since times in memorial a visit to Bhutan has held promises of unlimited fascination for travelers who have ventured in to the wants for boding domains of divine mysticism mesmerizing beauty and a veritable treasure trove of rare and highly exotic flora and fauna. Including some of the most priced and sought after elixirs medicinal plants, aromatic herbs, spices and of course fabled creatures.

For the most part of its long and tumultuous history Bhutan remained secluded from the rest of the world owing to the formidable natural barriers that sequestered this nature’s owned paradise. The dauntless few who dare to make successful forays came back with tantalizing stories of castles perched precariously on high mountain tops lorded over by powerful chieftains, ubiquitous monks in flowing robes circumambulating stupas and ‘Gonpas’ chanting a repertoire of holy mantras to appease the spirits of great saints and fearsome deities. Most visitors cannot help being enraptured by the scintillating landscape and a bewildering variety of flora and fauna that defies description. The myths and legends associated with Bhutan has time and again lured many intrepid travelers, adventurers, explorers, saints and philosophers. All visitors to Bhutan have revealed in having/had enjoyed the privilege to experience a host of sensual and spiritual pleasures the fulfillment of which could have been possible only in ‘Shangri-La’ paradise on earth.

Even as your senses are captivated by some of the most seductive sites sounds and smells on earth, the all pervading aura of spiritualism that permits almost every facet of life in Bhutan tugs at your heart strings and spurs your mind to embark upon a truly enlightening and soul searching journey. Guaranteed to live a lasting effect in transforming you in to a more enriched and fulfilled person.

Cradled in the very bosom of the mighty Himalayas, Bhutan to any descending traveler is a hedonistic combination of the most spectacular landscape that harbors an equally mind boggling range of flora and fauna coupled with strange customs and traditions of the inhabitants unlike anywhere else on earth.