Customs and Traditions 

A harmonious co-existence of spiritual values and material compulsions, centuries of isolation and an all pervading influence of religion have lent unique characteristics to the customs and traditions practiced by the people of Bhutan. Exclusively nurtured through centuries of fervent practice and observance, the outwardly strange customs and traditions prevalent among the people of Bhutan finds relevance even today. Defined as surprisingly simple, charmingly genuine and profoundly logical, the living customs and traditions of the people of Bhutan are a legacy they have inherited from their illustrious forefathers. The rational and philosophy behind the existence of these age old down to earth customs and traditions exemplifies the nature of the people of Bhutan, best described as kind, condescending, accommodating, pious and straight forward. The Bhutanese people take immense pride in their rich cultural heritage, and special fond of attending social functions and programs held at regular intervals. Activities like traditional sports, musical performances, and ceremonies are patronized by people from all walks of life cutting across all age groups. Such events attended by a huge crowd of people offer ample opportunity to flaunt their traditional dress, observe age old customs, show off ornamental family heirloom etc…exhibitions of traditional cuisine, dance, music and artifacts are a favorite pass time. The traditional values are held in high esteem and traditional artist, craftsmen are highly admired. Elderly folks command respect and children are cared for, protected and lovingly guided by seniors. Basic tenets of Buddhist philosophy and principle are inculcated in the minds of all Bhutanese children and they grow up practicing the virtues advocated by the great philosophers and saints. The teachings of the Buddha are the foundations of character building and source of inspiration for the Bhutanese people at large.