Travel Tips

  • Some places in Bhutan are limited to visitors for religious reasons. Ask your guide so you can always be sure
  • Ask before you take pictures of Bhutanese people, they love cameras.
  • Ask your guide when you want to take pictures in monasteries; you cannot take pictures in some part of the dzongs and monasteries.
  • If you feel sick of altitude you should avoid alcohol, sleeping pills and drink plenty of water.
  • You must avoid heavy exercises.
  • When flying to Bhutan, if you can get a seat on the left side of the plane, you will be able to see the breath taking sight of Mt. Everest.
  • If you tend to get motion sickness Dramamine or a pair of acupressure will be of help.
  • It will be useful to know few dzongkha words

Kadrinchey-thank you

Tashi delek-good luck

Kuzu zangpo la-hello, greetings.

  • Chilies are treated as a vegetable rather than a seasoning in the Bhutanese diet, you can enjoy a lot of chilli with cheese in Bhutan.
  • Carry enough money for your personal expenses
  • The Bhutanese handicrafts shops are reasonably priced, you can buy and get to see a lot of beautiful items in this shops
  • You can find a lot of beautiful post cards in the handicraft shops
  •  Don’t research too much, just be prepared to see the most stunning things in your life.