Ema Datshi at Obama fundraiser!!!

posted May 15, 2012, 2:43 AM by Bhutan Jurmii   [ updated May 15, 2012, 2:44 AM ]
ema datshi in obamas fundraiser
When a chef is cooking for the most special guest like the president of America, Barack Obama, at menu what does he choose? Mushroom Ema Datshi. Bhutan’s signature dish will be served as the main course at the Obama fundraiser in support for gay marriage at the Ruben Museum in New York on Monday. Vikas Khanna, an award winning Michelin Starred Indian chef, restaurateur, food writer, filmmaker, humanitarian and the host of the TV Show Master Chef India will be cooking the dish.

“I am inspired by the Himalayan region and I am looking forward to serving Ema Datshi, which is a national delicacy in Bhutan,” said Vikas Khanna to the media. Vikas Khanna also said that he will be preparing the dish in his signature style by using chanterelle mushrooms and Thai bird which is fresh hot green chilies. The chef will be using Maytag blue cheese to give it a Bhutanese touch. Along with mushroom Ema Datshi as the main course, “Nakey with garlic butter” will also be served. Although known to the world as fiddlehead ferns, Chef Vikas Khanna has chosen to give a Bhutanese name to the dish. The chef wrote on his blog that when one is cooking for the most special guests, whether it is for ones mother or a head of state, he always advise doing what one do best with an eye toward reliable classics. “Chanterelles are plentiful in Bhutan during the season,” writes Vikas Khanna. “And they are considered more as a healthful meal than an extravagance like they are here.” The recipes of the two dishes will also be featured in his forthcoming cookbook, Return to the Rivers. The fundraiser is hosted by Shelley and Donald Rubin of the Shelly and Donald Rubin Foundation. It is a family based foundation in New York City that began operation in 1995. It has a longstanding commitment to the promotion and celebration of Himalayan art. The Himalayan feast is limited to 200 people and a ticket for the intimate dinner with Obama is 35,800 USD. The money will be funneled to the Obama Victory Fund and the Democratic National Committee. The fundraiser overlaps two constituencies that Obama is counting on for political and financial support. Meanwhile, back home people are excited that the president of America will get a taste of Bhutan’s very own Ema Datshi. The president of the Guide’s Association of Bhutan, Garab Dorji, said this is likely to increase the tourist arrivals in Bhutan from America and that this gives the country a very good exposure at the highest level. “I would say it is the biggest advertisement on Bhutan,” said Garab Dorji. “Bhutan is now tagged with the president of America.” According to the Associated Press, president Obama has a weakness for spicy food. He loves chilies. He also has a weakness for chips and salsa but only after he pours hot sauce on everything. On one of his return flight to Washington, Obama snacked on Tutta Bella’s II Presidente Pizza. This pizza was created to satisfy Obama’s ‘love for spicy food.’ The pizza was made up of hot Calabria chilies, which are fiery hot long chili peppers from Calabria in southern Italy. At Dooky Chase's Creole restaurant in New Orleans, the president was reported to have offended longtime owner Leah Chase by pouring hot sauce all over the gumbo she offered to fatten him up. Meanwhile, Obama’s chili with beans recipe has been circulating widely over the internet. Barack Obama told North Coast Journal writer Ari LeVaux that his chili has got the right amount of bite, the right amount of “oomph” in it and it will clear sinuses.